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The meaning of our name : CoachingH2H2B

The coach is a companion, a scout, an awakener. Coaching focuses on the future for those who want change and that are willing to take action. We will you identify what you want, then the objectives and goals to get there. We will push you past the behaviors that are holding you back.

H2H : Human-to-Human
We work with Humans first, wether it is in a Personal (Life) Coaching approach, or individual coaching in a Business context or Executives, Managers or Entrepreneurs.

H2B : Human-to-Business
Business coaching is focused on the Human… yes, the Person, but in a Business context. Our passion is to transform your life and your work into a powerful unstoppable force leading to results. Leadership, communication, progression in both your career and your business, in a structured and practical approach. This is our offer !

Biography - Jean-Pierre Hallé

It is with great pleasure, humbleness and great excitement that we have decided to share with you the incredibly positive transformation that Jean-Pierre has experienced both in his personal and professional life. We would like to share these tools with you, en route towards the achievement of your projects and your dreams!

How may we describe Jean-Pierre HallĂ©? An emotional Executive? A coach-manager? A leader of influence? Yes, a bit of all that… Let us explain …

Jean-Pierre is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and a Seasoned Executive and Manager, with a Bachelors in Business Administration (Finance). He proudly adds the following credentials : BAA, CPCC and ACC.

Here is his path to coaching:

BAA: Bachelors in Business Administration
After obtaining a BAA-Fiance degree, Jean-Pierre worked for more than 35 years in Business and Technnology. First as an employee, then as a first-level manager, middle manager, upper management, Executive and President of the Board. This, in SMBs such as Mont Saint-Sauveur and others, as well as large enterprises such as GM, Honeywell, Axa, Laurentian Bank, Bombardier, Metro.

CPCC: Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

The oldest and largest in-person coach training organization in the world, CTI® has trained over 35,000 coaches and has also trained employees in more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. CTI’s Co-Active Coach® Training Program is widely recognized as the most rigorous coach training and certification program in the industry.

The training program:
The Co-Active Coach Training Program is approximately a 12 month program, consisting of five in-person experiential workshops and is followed by a six month virtual Certification program as described in the following Program Path diagram.

CTI’s Co-Active Coach Training Program integrates three foundational principles that help the coaching client enhance both the quality and results they experience in life and work.

The conversation about these principles begins in our Fundamentals course. The next three courses focus on the principles themselves:

  • Fulfillment – deriving deep meaning and satisfaction from life; 
  • Balance – viewing the world from an empowered stance, making powerful choices and taking effective action;
  • Process – fully experiencing the richness of any given moment. 
  • The fifth course is Synergy, which integrates all of the learning principles into one powerful cohesive skill called Co-Active Coaching®.

CPCC CertificationThe five in-person experiential workshops are followed by our six month virtual Certification Program. The Certification Program begins the road to mastery as a Co-Active Coach and includes hands-on coaching, ongoing group work and one-on-one supervision of actual coaching sessions. After successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the written and oral certification exam, with the goal of becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC).

ACC : Associate Certified Coach
Certification awarded by the ICF, International Coach Federation (www.coachfederation.org and http://www.coachquebec.org/ ), the international coaching certification group whose mission is to further coaching certification, encourage a high level of ethical standards in coaching practices, as well promote coaching and provide coaches with a community for sharing and continuous education.

The Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the ICF is destined to experienced coaches. It requires, amongst other elements, to have completed an ICF accredited coach training program, and to have accumulated at least 100 hours of coaching experience and eight clients.

Approach to a corporate services offer with a team of coaches

In the context of a Business Coaching engagement, we assemble a made-to-measure team of experienced and certified coaches based on your needs, so as to maximize the results for both you and your business. Indeed, over the last few years, we have built a solid network of coaching specialists who can complete our team, if needed, by bringing their specific expertise.