Business and Entrepreneur Coaching Program
JPH12:37 PM


  • 45% of entrepreneurs and CxOs whose business have grown very fast find themselves in business and personal strive around year 7 to 10 due to not having the right skills to manage their business further.
  • 52% of business owners felt more stressed now than 12 months ago
  • Over 45% have not studied or had any personal or business skill enhancement
  • 99% of business owners who take on a leadership coach achieve extraordinary

Who we work with?

  • Business owners who need external support for internal impact and idea fruition;
  • Those who are stressed out and on a roller coaster ride to burn out due or overload, trying to survive;
  • Business owners who have lost focus, just exist and not in control of their business;
  • Those who can't handle the work load, demands of running your business and teams;
  • Those who have success but need some new or topped up life and business skills to bring the business to the next level;
  • Focus on Exit Strategies;
  • We will look at your Business Development, Sales, Marketing (including Social Media) and Business Delivery Processes and make / suggest changes were needed.


Although each assignment is tailored to address specific individual and organizational needs, our  approach involves a number of common elements, including:
  • Extensive assessment of both the organization and the individual to determine the starting point and objectives of the engagement;
  • Preparing a vision statement or mission statement both as part of a strategic planning process and as a stand-alone exercise. Creating an effective vision statement, that will have a lasting effect, requires utilization of group input. If employees quote it and management lives by it then the statement is a success;
  • A detailed development action plan that is agreed to by all parties;
  • Regular one-on-one coaching between the executive and the consultant during the implementation of the plan;
  • Several check-in meetings with the Board, executive’s boss and/or senior human resources staff during and at the completion of the engagement to monitor progress.