Executive/Leadership coaching (One-on-One)
JPH10:13 AM

We are passionate about turning your life and career into an unstoppable powerful force of results.

  • Executive Coaching works with people from all levels of an organisation;
  • Clients working with an executive coach engage a wide range of issues and challenges;
  • Develop leadership skills;
  • Becoming a more effective communicator;
  • Remove obstacles to career growth;
  • Taking your organisation to the next level of success;
  • We give you unlimited tools, structure, insights and best practices into how you can  perform better in the workplace;

We will work with you to:

  • Give you practical skills, strategies and tools to implement that will allow you to manage stress, people, challenges; 
  • Change your behaviours and limiting belief patterns that stop you from having it all;
  • Learn to focus on results;
  • Skill you in Emotion Management; 
  • Introduce structured daily practices that lead to laser focus task completion;
  • Leadership skills development;
  • Be a conduit for business process improvement;
  • Learn conflict resolution skills;
  • Skill sharpening or Learning;
  • Balancing priorities;
  • Removing and overcoming behavioural obstacles, blind spots and inhibitors;
  • Enhance management, communication and people skills;
  • Build a personal development plan and track progress;
  • Delegate more;
  • Focus on strategy, ideas, deals, winning business and clients;

Who Do We Work With?

  • We work medium to large businesses;
  • Top and middle level management who need to implement strategies and business objective;
  • Future leaders of organisations;
  • Newly promoted;
  • High-potential executives poised to move into new positions or areas of responsibility;
  • Professionals moving into new or stretch assignments that require an additional set of leadership skills;
  • Key contributors who an organization wants to develop for more significant leadership roles and retain for the long term or executives who need to strengthen critical development skills;
  • Leaders assimilating into new cultures or organizational roles. 

What Can You Expect From our Executive Programs? We will:

  • Take your unique personal and organisational pains into account and will design coaching programs to suit your continued business success and your growth;
  • Build performance measures into the coaching process. We will measure initially coaching impact asking you what you have learned, how you applied that learning;
  • Measure again at the end of the coaching relationship;
  • Ensure consistency and quality throughout the coaching process.