Personal (Life) Coaching
JPH10:02 AM

Life Coaching is a future focused approach for those wanting change and who are ready to take action. We will help you get clear on what you want, set goals and targets to attain that. We will push you past the behaviour patterns that stop you.

Coaching can give you clarity of life purpose, design life strategies addressing all aspects of:

  • We will work with you to design clear goals and outcomes;
  • Remove your blind spots that stop you from having it all;
  • Lay out plans, strategies and plans to get you there;
  • Set up daily practices / habits to move you towards success;
  • Condition you to success;
  • Work on changing your mindset;
  • Give you life tools and skills that will enable and drive you towards successful;
  • Hold you accountable to pushing through blockages and taking action on tasks;
  • Challenge behaviors and thought processes that are holding you back;
  • Address behavioural fears and obstacles;
  • Learn to manage the distractions of the day;
  • Engage others in your new path;
  • It’s all about PRACTICE;
  • Make it fun so it seems effortless!

We will work with you to bring contentment, success, fun, abundance and long term fulfilment in: 

  • Provide a trusting environment throughout the coaching relationship;
  • Use open and honest communication, creates awareness for ongoing learning;
  • Challenge and make requests of you towards your achieving long lasting change;
  • Hold you accountable for the progress & managing of goals;
  • Provide a good dose of positive, inspirational and motivating energy;
  • Be fully committed to you, your future, your expansion and TRANSFORMATION;
  • Provide guidance, skills, tools and resources to help you make appropriate decisions for yourself.